New Phase

Since the Washington Health Foundation’s inception in 1992, the Washington Health Foundation has responded to the changing times to best meet the health needs of the people of Washington. From giving grants to maintain health care services in rural communities, to providing policy leadership on health disparities, to launching the Healthiest State in the Nation Campaign – the largest community engagement effort for health in history – to helping Washingtonians enroll and better use their health benefits through our Personal Health Advocacy program, the Washington Health Foundation has touched the lives of millions of Washingtonians in productive and innovative ways over the years.

We believe it important to share our record of innovation and achievement, and toward this, the many activities of the Foundation are profiled on this website. We expect to add to our historical record of these amazing achievements as time passes on. We also hope to re-establish our blog to share important messages and ideas on major health issues with our followers and friends. These efforts will primarily happen through this website, so keep us bookmarked into the future!

Now the Foundation is moving in to a new phase- an all-volunteer period where we will primarily evaluate how to best meet our ongoing mission of improving health for the people of Washington into the future. As the nation adjusts to new realities of health and health care, and we reconcile how to leverage our new and different level of resources, we expect that the Washington Health Foundation will, once again and when the time is right, resume new, unique and powerful ways to improve the health of the people of Washington, and perhaps the Nation.

Our Board will manage the Foundation through this new phase. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or other input as we move through this period. And we look forward to continuing to the time when we can resume making an impact on health sometime in the future.

For better health,

Ken Isaacs, M.D.
Board Chair

Nancy Auer, M.D.
Past Chair

Greg Vigdor
Secretary Treasurer
Phone: 602-445-4300