Personal Health Advocates

Do you need help navigating the complex world of health care and health insurance? Our Personal Health Advocates can help. To learn more about how we can assist you, please give us a call at 206-285-6355 or send us an email at

Personal Health Advocates are always free. The Washington Health Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides this service to the public at no cost.

What is WHF’s Personal Health Advocate service?

It is a powerful program that is typically reserved for those in Fortune 100 businesses. The Washington Health Foundation has developed an innovative Personal Health Advocate program to help small employers, non-profits, independent workers, and, in fact, all Washingtonians access free and low-cost health and health care services and support.

Why use a Personal Health Advocate?

Only the most expensive employee benefits plans include concierge service – a person with expertise in health, healthcare, and health insurance whose job is to ensure that your experience is smooth and customized to fit your needs. Today, WHF’s Personal Health Advocates can bring that world-class service to you by,

  • Matching you or our organization with the right health insurance plan;
  • Walking you through the details as you transition to Medicare;
  • Deciphering and determining which health care bills you should pay;
  • Advising you on choosing a doctor or hospital that best fits your situation;
  • Designing a personal or employee wellness plan; and
  • Connecting you with community resources to help you reach your health goals.

As a statewide, independent non-profit organization, the Washington Health Foundation has run a number of programs designed to improve people’s access to health care, wellness services, prescription drugs and health insurance.  Through our Personal Health Advocates, we bring those services together under one roof and make them available to small businesses, non-profits and individuals and their families.

The future of work will be defined by flux, transition and creative independence. In order for small employers and independent workers to fulfill their potential in a knowledge-based economy, they will need structural supports, services and resources that empower them to take greater personal control over the decisions that affect their lives.  WHF’s Personal Health Advocates are helping people adapt to this new world of work and assisting them with their health, health care and health insurance decisions.

Learn more about the Foundation and how we can assist you by contacting us at 206-285-6355 or